Aroha is defined as love. For Anjali, Aroha translates to Kathak. From a young age, Anjali was mesmerized by the art form. At the age of 4, she was invited into a school, when most are accepted at age 7. She always stood out from the other students for her exceptional dancing techniques. Her dedication to the art form and commitment to the advancement of Kathak was noted by her guru.

With the blessing of renowned gurus Padmabhushan Kumudini Lakhia and the late Pandita Rohini Bhate, Anjali has confidently moved the art form forward with exceptional choreographies for solo and group performances. The intricate subtleties define the choreography and make Anjali stand out from the rest. Her precision and dedication to showcase challenging and complex rhythms captivate audiences. Her depth in knowledge of Indian classical music, art, costume, and lighting all play a role in creating masterpiece production appreciated by her audiences. She has the ability to distinguish the different styles of gharanas and combine them with modern formations to make every piece refreshing for Kathak enthusiasts.

Anjali has performed in major dance festivals including the Canada Dance Festival, Delhi International Arts Festival, Shaniwarwada Dance Festival, and Pune Festival. She has also been invited as a guest performer and master teacher for other leading classical dance choreographers in India, USA, and Canada.


At the age of 13, Anjali was asked by her Guru to open a school of dance in Ottawa, Canada. With great consideration, Anjali poured her heart and soul into what we know today as ‘Aroha Fine Arts’. A sought after teacher and coach Anjali teaches group and private lessons to professional and pre-professional dancers in Ottawa, Toronto, India, and the Middle East. She was invited to instruct ballet dancers in the art of mime and emotive performance in Amman, Jordan. She was invited as a guest lecturer at the Dance Department of Hyderabad University in India.


Anjali as dedicated her artistic life to the perfecting and the advancement of the genre. She has honed her skills as a choreographer artistic director and production manager over the years. Her artistic genius allows her to choreograph intense pieces with ease, making sure that the audience fully understands the intricacies of dance. For her productions, she hires talented cast and crew. She enjoys collaborating with other artists and works closely with her team. She broke boundaries to hold the first bilingual Indian Dance festival in the Canadian capital: Arohafest 2017.